The Gift Of Seasonal Family Rituals

It is a special moment every Christmas when we pull out the crystal snowflakes we have made over the years! Each year my son looks forward to hanging them. They mark the beginning of a the Christmas holidays and winter.


They hang on our tree and dangle elegantly from the light fixtures in our kitchen. Each afternoon when the light hits the snowflakes, rainbows of refracted light begin to decorate the walls and ceiling. 


My son and his friends enjoy a 

breathtaking moment when I allow one of them to stand on a chair and give a gentle push to the kitchen chandelier.  The crystal snowflakes 

cause the rainbows of light to dance all over our kitchen walls and ceiling. Truly, it is magical! It's like a little bit of heaven comes down when the bright afternoon sun hits these crystal snowflakes. And if you look at some of the photos you can see mini rainbows on my sons sweater.

My first snowflakes I made were for my wedding. Every year since I add to my collection! They are addicting and oh so fun to make!

But, along with being a special yearly memory, there are also deep truths these snowflakes hold. The snowflakes are quiet declarations of the unique value and beauty in every single  soul. I am guessing I have around 30 snowflakes and I have probably made around 70 of them over the years. I never tire of making them, giving them as gifts or gazing upon their beauty.

Each one is intriguing and captivating in a different way. They each are knit together with love and thought. They are evidence of loving hands that thoughtfully and patiently put them together. And when sunlight hits them it is a reminder of the power hidden in our lives when God's flows through us and spread rainbow lights of His love all around us.

Sometimes, I pray for a person as I create one. Other times I revel in the beauty of the stones, the colors and oh the sparkle! I delight in the stones that sparkle! 

They remind me that I want to stay in a place close to God, so that His love and light can shine through me.... spreading God's colors wherever I go! I want to bring joy like the snowflakes do to those who see their magical rainbow dance in kitchen.


It is a tradition I have started with my son. We love making them together. The snowflake he made this year is the green and red one on the top of this page. 

You are carefully, lovingly and wonderfully made by a loving God! He cherishes you! He delights in you and adores you! He has a purpose for you life!


If you take the journey into making a beautiful snowflake, my prayer is that the Lord speaks deeply to you of your incredible and unique value. May your heart savor the truth that you are fashioned by a loving Father. And He hears every whispered prayer.


Seek Him. Read your Bible for reminders of His love (Psalms is a great book of the Bible fo this). If you are not a believer (yet), start with the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). 

Always remember, you are a masterpiece... a priceless work of art,


(On my "favorite supplies" page you can find the link to purchase the wire snowflake frames on the tab at the top of the page)