This site is not about me! It's about you, your precious children and your friends! It's about creating a kindness revolution by simply getting creative in how we use art!

What if God wants to use artists as forerunners? I want to be someone that, in unseen and quiet ways, prepares hearts to receive the depths of God's love for them. I envision artists, young and old, using their art to soften the soil of hearts to receive the unfathomable love of Christ. Like water softening soil to embrace the seed of perfect, eternal love!


You Are Created To Create art lessons are intended to encourage and inspire you, your kids and friends! And the bonus is that with the art you create you can start planting seeds of encouragement all around the community you live in! It's about creating a kindness revolution, one seed at a time, by simply getting creative in how we use art! 


I am an encourager first and a "creative" second! I feel most alive when my creative energies are focused on encouraging others! I have been an elementary school art teacher and before teaching I spent much of my free time with youth at my church. My soul ignites when I teach art and inspire hearts simultaneously... especially when it involves kids or teens!

As you look around this site, I hope your heart is encouraged and refreshed. When I write and create, it is for you an unseen friend. Though we are separated by a computer screen may you feel as if you have met a friend to cheer you on... in life, in regards to your dreams and towards pursuing any creative endeavor. When you leave my site may you hold fast to the truth that you are a precious masterpiece and your life holds great purpose!

Soli deo gloria,