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Jeweled Army Of Words

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I have a new arrangement on the corner of my kitchen table. It started with a bowlful of scripture prints I made. I placed the cards in the bowl after glittering the prints. I want the bowl to become a reminder to myself to take what God has placed within me and joyfully spread it like seeds in the community I live in. The prints start there as a reminder to daily pray for the hearts of the hands they will end up in. Then when I know I will be going somewhere that day, where I can give them away or leave them casually, I grab a couple with me as I go out the door.

When I was looking at them yesterday, the phrase "army of words" came to my head. So I wrote a poem:

Before me lay a bowl,

Filled with an army of words.

Unlike a normal word army,

They dance and sparkle in the faintest hint of light.

These words are ordinary.

Created from simple letters

Birthed through strokes and line.

Glittered by my own fading hands.

Alone, the letters are mere curves.

When intentionally and thoughtfully positioned

Each soldier-word harnesses power.

Independent soldiers mean little.

United soldiers hold a tsunami-like force

That can overturn and transform a life…


I want my life to send eternal tsunami-like waves of hope

Into the hearts of many people

Even if I am never seen.

So I glitter the words meticulously,

Because I want the word soldiers to stand out,

As if at attention,

When I place these paper soldier-units in place.

I position them very casually in public places.

And then I walk away.

For I am not the commander

Of this jeweled army of words.

And I want to share these seeds that can start a tsunami. A tsunami of encouraging others with words of life. No need to interrupt conversations or feel awkward. Just leave one at the grocery checkout by giving it to the cashier (after buying a candy bar to go with it), tuck one right under the debit card reader "accidentally". After leaving a Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, or the library I will casually leave one. The places these word soldiers can be left is limitless.

I am not afraid to strike up conversations or share my faith. But, I like the idea of someday looking down from heaven and watching a video of God replaying what happened after I left one of the scripture prints I have made. I write an encouraging message on the back and speak of the unconditional love of Jesus. I keep these with me. Then quietly, like I pull one from my pocket and place it on a table at a coffee shop, a grocery store shelf or on a stop sign pole (yes, I have done this). I find a peace-filled joy as I trust the Lord to bring the person that most needs that word of life. I think the short amount of time cutting out the scriptures, praying, writing a personal note and looking for opportunities to place these cards will be so worth it.

I guess I am coming to see that within me there are seeds that hold tsunami-like power that will affect eternity... and I want to scattered this seeds so God can use them as a way to draw others to Himself and experience His amazing love. I also want to share these with others so they too can give them away. We are blessed to be a blessing!

I have made these affordable for people to download. The below digital is 2.50 and includes 16 other different prints on my Etsy site. Enjoy! Have fun being a vessel of God's love to others.

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