Summer Art Lessons


Each 5 hour class is $75! Due to the length of the workshops, the classes will be for (going into) 1st grade through 6th. The first two students signed up for each day will get $15 off. Or, if a friend signs up, you can get $15 off. Sign ups will be for Wednesdays July 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st! Email me (scroll to the bottom of this page) to sign up for each date individually. After signing up, I will need a 25.00 deposit to secure your spot! Deposits can be paid through Pay Pal at and the rest can be paid the day of the class. Classes will be limited to 7 students.

I love to encourage and inspire others! In my summer workshops I will use the art process to point the students to a greater understanding of God's love and open up each student's heart to understand their significance and immeasurable worth. I find that when I create I am always seeing parallels to Biblical truths and reminded of God's deep love for each person He has lovingly and purposefully created. To see examples of this go to my blog page My desire is to build relationship with my students. It is my goal to teach and to have students feel loved and cherished as a unique, amazing masterpiece and priceless work of art! 

Artists, whatever their age, can lean towards being insecure and hard on themselves in the creative process. So students will be reminded that we are all perfectly imperfect and that what may feel like a "mistake" is really an opportunity to transform a problem into something beautiful! I will emphasize pushing joyfully and tenaciously past the lies in their head. It is climbing up the mountain of insecurity that fears are overcome and confidence is built!

My lessons are typically layered and full of color and or texture. I teach step by step while giving students liberty to add their own personality to their work. I can adjust the level I teach in the drawing process and teach different levels simultaneously. The fact that students will have different results is a springboard to help kids learn to accept that they are still developing their skills and that they are masterpieces "in process". It is also an opportunity to encourage students to affirm one another throughout the process of creating. I remind my son often to remember that my hands have been drawing approximately 47 years longer than his and there is beauty in "perfectly imperfect" artwork.

If your kids want to invite their friends, I would love, love, love to create a class/workshop specifically tailored for your children and their friend's interests! It brings me great joy to see students get super excited about the projects I teach! One thing I love about students inviting friends is that this can be a way to share the love of God with their friends.


One of my favorite things I seek to teach my students is that they are a masterpiece and a priceless work of art! They each hold a part of God's heart, character, beauty and strength that no one else does!I will be deciding which lessons I will teach based on the input I receive from those interested in enrolling for the one day workshops. For more samples of the art lessons I have taught go to:


Or you can give me a theme (examples: cats, nature, bugs, ocean, metal projects etcetera), choose a character focus (ie. "wisdom", I might then create a project/projects using owls and talk about how an owl is an example of wisdom etcetera), or you can choose specific scriptures for the lesson to be focused around. I find the projects that are mixed media are the most fun and produce a final project that student's are proud of!

I hope your young artists can join me for "Worship Wednesdays" where we will learn the value of worshipping and knowing God more through creating beautiful artwork! And thank you, ahead of time to those who sign your children up. It is an honor to use my gifts to bless you and your precious kiddos!

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