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Circles of HOPE 
Click here for more about The Circles Of Hope Challenge 2022

To see a great way to kick off this challenge with your students or see ideas on how to have an art party to invite others to join the challenge, click here.

It's recognizing that if you can make a circle you can make a difference.

It's about using art to do great things through small things.

It's about circles of people joining together to create hope through art.

It's about leaving "arts of kindness" in the places we frequent.

It's about reminding others that their life matters!

It's about using art to show love to the world around us.

It's about creating good news in a world in need of good news!

It's about little circles creating a domino effect of HOPE!

To join the Circles of Hope Community simply means you are willing to become more intentional in encouraging others by leaving notes of kindness each week and inviting others to join the Circles of Hope Challenge.


Each of us are tools in which love and kindness can spread faster than any virus throughout our nation and our world through simple "hope circles".


They can be simple with simple words. Here are some ideas:

Your life matters.

You are loved.

Your mistakes don't define you!

You have what it takes!

I'm proud of you. I just want to tell you in case no one else has!

You can do it!

Tomorrow needs you!

You are enough!

There is HOPE!

Let your FAITH be bigger than your fear.

Jesus hears every prayer.

You are not alone!

Thank you for your service!

Your life makes a difference!

I am thankful for you!

The hope circles can be placed in random places throughout your community. There is no limit: mailboxes, drivethroughs, windshields in parking lots, stop signs, grocery stores, mailmen, trash men, nurses, teachers, policemen, firemen.  If a person, or families, continue to create more hope circles each week and continue to invite others to do the same, the amount of people being touched each week will be exponential! You DON'T HAVE TO BE CREATIVE to make a difference! 


If you can make a circle, you can make a difference! Happy faces are soooo easy! Add a few kind words and encouragement on the back and you are MAKING A DIFFERENCE and spreading joy in a much needed time! You can even just cut circles out of colored paper with some phrases like those above! If you want the free printables for these and more circles like those below, subscribe at the bottom of this post. But, feel free to make your own colorful and hope filled circle. There is no right or wrong way! I always write a personal note on the back of the ones I make. But you don't have to!

Now, more than ever acts of kindness and HOPE are needed. Covid has transformed history and what our "normal" is. We all need a little sunshine, hope and kindness to overflow to wash away the negativity. 


The above circle is, what I call, a salvation geode. It is a way to tell people about God's incredible love through colors and textures!


We attached ours to trees and stop signs in zip lock bags. I hope you will join me and others in creating a blanket of hope throughout whatever city and nation you are in, in the form of simple circles with words of hope and love. And with every circle created there will be prayers knit throughout the creation process.

I look forward to seeing your hope circles. Kiddos out there... use this season for good and the glory of God! Make His love and name known throughout your city and to the ends of the earth.


What is the story behind Circles of Hope Project?

It is a blending of a few different things. I love to create things to bless others and love all ages of people. When creating merges with compassion and kindness to make our world a brighter place.

Then I came across an article about a Starbucks manager in California who was saddened by the 4 kids in a 2 week period who had taken their own lives. She knew she wanted to do something to let others know that their life matters! It's a wonderful article, and I encourage you to read it. Click here.

So, I sat down to create a super simple project to bring hope to others. This is a project that anyone can do! For those who don't feel creative but like to create, a circle is not that intimidating. For the little kids in our lives, I wanted to find an easy way for them to join in the fun of blessing others. Everyone has circles. Jars, cups, plates, lids and the list goes on.  Families can do this together.


Circles can be simple. Or you can layer different art supplies and they can become more elaborate. Every age and skill level can join in the fun of creating circles of hope!


If you have a favorite quote that encourages you, you can put that on the back of your circle. Simply write something that would encourage yourself. Write the words you long to hear. Receive them for yourself. Then give them away. To a cashier. One of my favorite things to do is to give a candy bar to a cashier when I am buying groceries. So now, I will hand them a circle of hope as well. Leave one for your mailman or Amazon person.  And write a personal note on the back.  And if you want you can add:

Go to 'Circle of Hope Project'

From my heart to yours:

If you found one of the hope circles I created, or even if you didn't, I want you to know that you are deeply loved by God. His heart of love is full of grace, unconditional and unending love! He hears every prayer. He longs to draw you close and give your heart peace! You have been fashioned by His loving hands! You are not an accident and your life is full of purpose! Jesus longs to comfort and speak life to your weary heart! And He is as close as a whispered prayer. There is nothing that you have done, or can do, that can alter His love for you. Please reach out if you want me to share more with you about the hope I have found in Jesus!   


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