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Kindness Warriors

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Last year I had a "Circles Of Hope Project" day and my students absolutely loved it! I encourage you to click here to see last years post. The room was alive with neon colors spotlighted by a black light! My students faces said it all! It was a incredibly magical day. One of favorite days teaching ever! There was a deep and meaningful lesson jam packed into last year's "Circles Of Hope" art day. The difference last year was the deeper meaning and then students created their hope circles with normal white lights turned on and they used various mediums that didn't glow.

(parents if you click on the photo of your child, you can see a larger version of the photo)

I didn't want to do the exact same thing as last year. So, the surprise element this year was the students created art with the lights off, black lights on and all the art supplies were fluorescent. I didn't teach step by step drawings, but the kids loved getting to "free draw".

The meaning was much simpler. When we are kind to others, our lives are like neon colors in in a world in need of hope. Putting warrior stripes on their faces symbolized they each are created to be "kindness warriors" by spreading hope, kindness and encouragement. Art is such a fun way to do this.

Though I wanted to get photos of all of these precious treasures and their amazing "arts of kindness", I didn't manage to do so (though I tried). I think some were distracted when I called them for photos (including my son... so bummed I didn't get a photo of this special memory with him), because those who finished a little early and cleaned their area were allowed to play with some fluorescent balloons! The students artwork turned out amazing! I was so proud of each one of them!

Students during the last class of the day came up with the idea of putting flowers and rainbows on their faces. I thought those symbols had a beautiful connection to the lesson. We bring the colors of God's love to the people around us through kind words and affirmation. The flowers seemed perfect as well.

Creating "arts of kindness'' can be done at home. I challenged students to do a sort of Easter countdown by doing something kind for someone each day leading up to the celebration of Christ's resurrection. What a way to celebrate Jesus' love for us... a love so deep that it led him to the cross!

To all of my students, remember you are God's masterpiece and a priceless work of art. I am so grateful to be your teacher and I love you all bunches! Thanks for an AMAZING day together! Keep on being God's "Kindness Warriors" by spreading joy and God's love through acts of kindness.

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