Updated: Oct 25

Welcome to Mission Possible! You have have been invited to join a VERY IMPORTANT mission! Though you won’t be carrying spyglasses or wearing black cloaks and hats, you have been called upon to join this mission of discovering evidences of God that are throughout all of creation!

One of satan’s main ploys that he uses to destroy people’s faith in a loving Creator God is to get people to believe the lie that the earth is the result of a big bang! Our adversary, wants people to believe that the universe and everything in creation simply “happened”. We talked in class about how this is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE! Everything is created by someone!!!!

As God’s agents of truth, your mission is to discover as many astonishing pieces of evidence of God (as Creator, Master Artist and Great Scientist) as you can and bring your reports back to headquarters (a.k.a. art class). As you arrive to headquarters, you will quietly place your evidence in the “Top Secret” box.

You can ask family to join you on the mission and they can help you investigate and record your evidence. Each time you bring back evidence sheets, you will be helping all your friends tear down the lies of satan and strengthen each other’s faith! Last Thursday when you left “headquarters” (art class) you were given “Evidence Forms”. You can also download an "Evidence Form" and instructions below.

How To Fill Out Evidence Forms
Download PAGES • 45.99MB

Please remember, there is no real “right or wrong” filling out the forms. Have fun!

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