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Freebie To Bless Someone

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, one of my New Year's resolution is to encourage at least one person a day. So, I am making these mini prints available for free this week. All you need to do is click on the image and pull the image to your desktop. These are ONLY to give away and for ministry purposes. They are not for you, or anyone else, to sell in anyway!

The story behind these prints is that I drew the scriptures to be placed in bags for human trafficking victims. I made copies of the prints and then placed them on pretty craft papers and added glitter. A few years ago I reformatted them using digital papers so I could make more copies to sell. You can visit my site to purchase others if you are interested.

I want as many people to blessed as possible... it is God's heart! And I love to encourage others in a way that points them back to the love of God. I recommend card stock when they are printed. Cut them out and give them away. Make as many as you want and save some for yourself.

I recommend the Stickles glitter glue being added (link below). It only takes around a minute to glitter the main words and make a quick border and around half and hour to dry if the glitter is not applied too heavily. I just gave them to 3 cashiers at Target. It was an awesome experience. I felt immense joy when I saw the smile on the sweet ladies faces. Feel free to write my website on the back so people can visit the site and be encouraged and find the weekly freebies.

We are blessed to be a blessing!

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This is just lovely. Thank you so much perfect for a neighbor going thru a very hard cancer...

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