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Unless you are a painter, you may not understand this! I think unfinished paintings are beautiful. There is a beautiful mystery that calms my soul when I gaze and dream over a painting. It's much like watching a child sleep. Time stands still. You savor everything about them. It is an amazing feeling!

As is the case of many of my paintings, my perfectionistic eye sees flaws in my paintings. It is a strength and a weakness sometimes. This is precious Jessie. I took a photo of her years ago on a hill in Franklin, Tennessee. It was chilly and the sun was setting. I gave her my velvet antique blanket to wrap around her. Her face was warm from the golden afternoon sun.

Later looking at the photograph, I pondered if I wanted to paint it as is or change it up a bit. I decided I want to transform the quilt pieces to things in life and nature that are love notes from God. Through my life how has He wooed and captivated my heart? After applying a few layers of paint, I was quite aware that the proportions of her face are way off! Her forehead is way too high, the space between her nose and mouth a little longer than it really is, her face too narrow and her chin too short.

As is my personality, I will be transparent! I did not have the confidence to draw this freehand. I was afraid I would scrub the paper raw. I figured if people use photoshop to create visual art, relying on a transparency would be fine. I know I have the skill and patience to paint with watercolor. I just get frustrated if my drawings aren't precise (although God is healing me of that tendency). What I didn't know is that transparency machines grossly distort images. So, I paused and put the painting aside.

Recently, I pulled the painting back out. In all it's imperfections, I see it's beauty. The dreaming has begun. "Jessie" hangs in my art room. When I pause and stare at this painting, I am content just to enjoy it as is. Though time is sparse for finishing such a large painting, I still dream. What will I put in the place of the quilt pieces? I have a few whisper soft sketches that aren't visible to you. But, I have a vision. Just like God has a vision for your life.

There is a song I wrote around the the time I painted this. I am not a singer nor a musician. But I do love to sing. This is the song:

"Master Artist, my precious lover,

I am so glad you're painting my life with layers of colors

'Cause you have a vision for my life.

I am your masterpiece lovingly crafted.

Though I can't all that your doing

I know that I am not all I long to be.

I choose to trust my loving Father....

Surrendered. Trusting. Having fun in your Sovereignty....

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