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It takes but a moment...

I was in a hurry as I left town on my first girl's weekend ever! I just wanted to get there! But, there was a sweet friend on the trip whose birthday was that day, and I wanted to give her a scripture print. Our printer was broken. So, I ran into a printers to print a few different versions of mini prints. And then planned to glitter the words on the prints to make them extra special.

Long story short.... the copier at the printers place wasn't working properly and I left with only 1 thing printed. Ugh! And it wasn't the print I would give a friend for their birthday (it is the one below). I planned on printing several different prints. So I left a little frustrated, but thankful I was able to get at least one thing printed before the copier broke.

This quote is from a sermon by Alex Kennedy.

An hour into the road trip I saw a lady broken down the road. I so much wanted to get to the destination early so, being a bit of an introvert, I could sit in solitude for a couple of hours before all of my precious lady friends arrived. But it didn't take me long to process that, if it was me broken down on the side of the road, I would appreciate someone checking to see if I was okay. In the end, I was so glad I turned around to see if I could help somehow.

The lady had a 2 and 4 year old in the car and was on the way to drop off her oldest daughter at college. She was waiting for her boyfriend to come get them, but he was 2 hours away. Ya'll, summers in Texas are HOT! I shared my snacks and gave her a small copy of the above print (the only print that printed) and 2 others I had with me. I hadn't put highlights of glitter on the words like I normally do before giving them away. But, that didn't matter. I knew this woman would have the quote as a reminder forever of God's deep love for her. She was so grateful for the snacks and the prints. And I knew I did the right thing and that it blessed God's heart and served as a tangible expression of God's tender love.

I gave her my phone number and asked her to keep me posted and to let me know if she needed anything. Some friends going on the trip were about an hour behind me and were going to bring something for the family as well. I was so relieved to know that 15 minutes later a man stopped and gave them all water. Then maybe 15 more minutes later some first responders came and helped her and her kiddos.

It took but a moment! And my heart felt so warmed that I was able to care for that woman as I would hope someone would have done for me. I hope this simple story encourages you. It's the little things that have the power to affect eternity!

Go to my free downloads page and print your own to bless and give away to others. Tuck one away for yourself, or put it on your fridge, as a reminder of this truth on the days you need it most! God Himself is close and wants to hold you and love on you on the days you don't feel like you can hold on!

Til' next time my friends,


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