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Kaleidoscope Of Love

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Have you ever noticed those itty bitty flowers hidden in grass. They are probably considered weeds. But to me they are love notes from God each time I see one. I look for them. I point them out to those I am with. I study them close up and revel in their intricate beauty with the kiddos in my life. Itty bitty love notes from the Lover of your soul. Those aren't just poetic words, but words of truth!

The last few months, in very ordinary and simple ways God has begun to redeem my heart from a sense of loss by repetitively reminding me through flowers that He pursues me, and you, daily and has since the foundation of the earth. God is the hopeless romantic and before I breathed a breath, or before you did, He had created the flowers that He would use to draw our hearts close to His. But it is our choice to look for and receive them as expressions of His love... a love unlike any we will ever know!

In simple, ordinary moments look for tiny flowers in the grass or flowers planted in your neighborhood. Ponder the fact that the many flowers your eyes behold were made for you. It is an intentional choice to seek God with our minds and emotions. Choose to listen and feel His heart romancing you through flowers and various things in nature. Daily let your heart be awakened more by choosing to unwrap His gifts by studying them. God showers you with unrelenting affection through all of creation, flowers and nature's beauty wherever you see them.

My own heart welled so full as I began looking and truly letting my heart receive the love flowers everywhere I saw them... receiving them as bouquets from His heart to mine. I wrote a poem trying to encapsulate all I was feeling.

"Get Lost In The Wonder"

Rapturous love expressed in earth's

Kaleidoscope of colors and shapes

Cyclically painted through every season.

My heart yearns and aches

To see your hands encircling mine

As I behold the blossoms you created for me.

I long to touch Your hands

And study your eyes feeling the songs unsung.

Love I've longed to drink in for so long.

My soul aches for Your love

Pressing close til no air rests between.

You've set the bar high that earthly loves seem so pale.

But, you are somewhere my eyes cannot see

Longing for me like I'm longing for you.

The ache I feel inside can cause me

To want to stay buried in the sorrow.

Because you aren't near enough to gaze upon nor feel your breath,

The insatiable desire can taunt me to wallow deep in sadness.

I'd rather keep my eyes closed and dream

Of life so sweet with You.

Instead, I'll choose to open my eyes to find your whispered affections

Beckoning me, luring me deeper to discover

To embrace You with my eyes.

And respond to the wind that carries the fragrance of Your love.

Closing my eyes to open them,

That I may get lost in the wonder

The wonder of Your love... that awaits me today!

So come romance me... and I will respond

With paintbrush, pen and song.

Today, tomorrow and into eternity I am forever yours!


Part of me doubts, for but a second, if sharing this poem of my blog is "too raw", "too transparent" or if some might find it "too mushy" or "too verbose"! But, life has taught me that I am not alone in my struggles. I am learning that somehow, my simple thoughts and my deep thoughts touch others. I see glimpses of it awakening hearts to search for God's love in the ordinary and mundane.

From another perspective flowers remind me of friends and the many people I observe. Each one of you are different from me... but each of you are exquisite flowers with a beauty unlike any other. You will discover it more fully when you pursue the One that is pursuing you!

You may not be creative. You may be administrative or methodical! But your beauty is real and needed. You hold a facet of the heart of God! (Trust me... most of you would not want what often comes with living with a creative mind... a messy house! I should be folding laundry I suppose or cleaning toilets... but I long to encourage others!... and so I write, paint, create in someway or another things to breathe live on tender souls.)

My convictions are strong and though I don't like to stand out or have lots of attention on me, I would risk fumbling clumsily over my words if I had a platform in which to share this.

Creation was NOT a big bang! All of creation speaks of a Creator! Try putting paintbrushes, paint and paper in a bag. Shake it for as long as you want, you will never, ever be able to make even one flower of any size. No painting or work of art was ever created without an artist. Shake watch pieces for a kazillion years and they will NEVER come together... not to mention function or serve a purpose.

So study flowers wherever you are. Respond to the One who loves you more perfectly and more selflessly than any love on earth. He is reaching out to your with every flower you see!

I want to gently encourage you to look for God in the extraordinary and ordinary masterpieces throughout creation. His love beckons and calls to each of us from soft whispery clouds, thunderstorms, butterflies, glorious sunsets, flowers... everything we see, when we truly look and listen, reveals the heart of God. Through the lacy silhouette of trees and gentle breeze I feel His romantic heart pulling me closer. With ducklings, caterpillars and frogs I might experience and see His playful, fun side. With a mighty thunderstorm I might hear the pulsing of His heart pursuing me in the darkness.

Let His heart, spoken through nature, draw you close. The Lover of your soul wants to embrace you and speak to you! Really! He longs for you and, as the hopeless romantic of all eternity, He is extending His heart to you that you might be filled with unrelenting joy and contentment in whatever season of life you are in and throughout life's craziness, sorrows, regrets or disappointments. If you are blessed with a love so sweet on earth, trust me, God's love will surpass and exceed that earthly love.

So whatever the season (even in the sweltering summer of Texas ya'll)... get out there! Study what captures your eyes in nature. He painted it all for you!!!!! Go find an old watch, take it all apart and put it in a box! Or art supplies or writing supplies.... and shake them! There will NEVER BE a functioning watch or beautiful artwork or well written song or literary piece that just happens! NEVER!!!!!

Use this to convey truth to your sweet kiddos and teenagers. Put a box on your kitchen table (with one or all of the afore mentioned things) as a reminder! It's getting hot outside, so instead check out nature books or go order some online.

I actually just went to a plant nursery the other day and took time to slow down and study and savor the beauty of all God created and saw each flower as if it was painted just for me. I took photos of the flowers. It was like a date with God (though I was with my mom and son).

Then afterwards, we went to the grocery store and I glanced at the flowers in the front of the store as I was walking in. I so them and, again, I realized that though sitting in a store they were a gift from God. He didn't have to make any of them... but He did! Think about that ! He could have stopped after making several thousand of flowers. But there are hundreds of flowers! God knew that some of us would love roses, irises and cala lilies best while others would pick daisies, sunflower and poppies! So I took photos of the ones I would love to receive knowing that He made them with me in His heart. Some I took photos of would not be my first choice, but I still found them beautiful.

Open your heart and let the Creator of the universe and Lover of your soul beckon you closer to love on you! Teach your kids to do the same... that they may share with others. Send me stories and share photos, I would love to see! Let the God of creation romance you! You are beautiful!

Following in the steps of his mamma! It warmed my heart when I saw my little guy mirroring me with my phone in his hands taking photos of his favorite flowers.

All we need to do is go out and explore (if even by doing a google search for beautiful flowers). My new saying to the sweet kiddos in my life is "Discover something beautiful today!" Discovery only comes when we take the steps to adventure out of our normal ruts!

Try grocery shopping where there are flowers. Meet with God in the floral department. Talk about God's love with your kiddos as you study the variety of textures, shapes and colors... even if your life is crazy busy! Most of us can afford 5 minutes to slow down to drink in in the beauty and brilliant colors of flowers at a store. I pray you will seek to hear His voice speaking to you through the kaleidoscope of colors, shapes and textures of this earth! Let God romance you! He made it all for you!

Til next time my sweet friends... much love,


*If I could have attached a song to this blog it would be "Gorgeous" by Chris Rice.

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