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Resurrection Crosses

This is a simple and easy project. And yet a special one that can be a springboard each year to teach valuable truths. I talked with the kiddos about the difference in dry painting and wet painting. Dry painting with watercolor is painting on the paper without wetting it first.

Wet painting is when you wet the paper first (I used a spray bottle) I see it as comparable to the Holy Spirit's presence in our lives and how he is the Living Water. The various colors can represent various things... like scriptures, different godly people and things that are a part of the growing of their faith and the wonderful colors of God's love & gifts within them. As they painted on the wet paper amazing things happened. They were intrigued by what happened before their eyes.

Once we applied the liquid watercolor paints, and while the paper was still wet (I resprayed the papers as they began to appear damp instead of wet), they sprinkled salt.

The addition of salt cause an affect that reminds me of raindrops... much like God's love in and presence in our lives.

The paper being wet, but not too wet (where puddles form) or too dry, is an important part of the cool effect the salt makes.

I talked about how the Bible says we are the salt of the earth.

The previous week we used a paper crimper to place a criss cross pattern on scrapbook paper. Then we painted it with gold. The comparison I used with the criss cross pattern was that Jesus is the way to heaven.

The kids tore the paper in a curve like the hill Jesus was crucified on. We talked about how Jesus died for our sins. When He died the veil in the temple tore in two. Because of Jesus sacrificing Himself for our sins, Jesus made the way for us to enter the holy place and living sacrifices no longer have to be made to cleanse us of our sins. We then glued on the crosses they drew on metal. I then talked about how one robber on the cross mocked Jesus the other asked that Jesus remember him in paradise. Jesus told the thief who asked to be remembered that he would be in heaven with Jesus.

Two other things I talked about is how Jesus is our greatest treasure. The jewels I use as a motivation and reward throughout our days were sitting on the table, so I decided to talk about how Jesus is the greatest treasure!

Now, we have a memory to pull out every year during the Easter season. Each year we can discuss again the things the project symbolized. I also used a crystal glass and told both of them that they are precious and valuable vessels. So special that Jesus shed His blood for them to make a way for them to be in heaven for all eternity with Him. As well, God wants to use the gifts He gave each of them (and all of us) to show the beautiful colors of God's love into the world around us.

Maybe there was too much symbolism involved (and some things might have been a bit deep or above their heads right now) but if they remember even two or three of the things I taught them, it is sure to be a foundation of truth. I also plan to reteach these truths each year.

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