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The Great Alphabet Within You

Updated: May 31, 2020

I see each life as a wonderful individual alphabet of vast potential and power! But together we are a great alphabet full of limitless ways that together we can show God's heart and facets of His love. Our lives, and each of our children's lives, are full of great purpose and treasures hidden within.

But we choose what we do with the alphabet within! Do we use it for good or evil. Or do we fail to see the great power potential within ourselves and do nothing with the alphabet?

My son has dyslexia and disgraphia and an orthographic processing disorder. Putting letters together to make simple words is frustrating and a bit overwhelming for him sometimes. He compares himself to all his friends that read. I think it causes him to doubt the greatness within him.

So I decided to create some activities to help letters to become more exciting and fun for him. I want him to see the power in letters (he is into anything powerful and strong) and to see letters as treasures. I also wanted to see he has everything within him to accomplish his dreams and to do great things for God.

I haven't done the fun learning activity with him yet. I first wanted to massage into his heart the truth of the awesome power within him. I made up a song yesterday and held him. It was something like this, "Within you is a great alphabet. There is a power and treasure you cannot see. God has fashioned you with purpose, deep love and an amazing destiny."

I think we all doubt what is within us at one point or another. We compare ourselves, so to speak, with the alphabet of treasures in other people's lives. Often the feelings of being "too much" or "too little" assault our heart and mind.

This is an abstract concept I know. Let me put it this way. All the letters when rearranged can create different words that spell out character qualities. Everyone has an array of strengths and things to contribute to the world around them. For instance I enjoying creating beautiful things to point others to Jesus. Within the alphabet of my heart are things like kindness, creativity, optimism, fun and inspiring.

I have a friend who has some of these qualities but add to that she is an amazing leader, bold, fearless, adventurous, compassionate, a great listener and she can speak without a hiccup in front of thousands of people. When together, we both observe the people with eyes hoping to show his love. But she is bolder and will often strike up a conversation when I am still in the thinking about how to start a conversation.

Within both of us is God's same great alphabet but the adjectives that describe how God has fashioned us are different. Individually we are knit by God's loving hands with a wonderful purpose. We each seek to live out our lives in a way that leaves the world with a glimpse of the love of God through us. But together, we are even more powerful.

I absolutely love how Emily Freeman communicates this truth in her book "A Million Little Ways". This quote caused my heart to explode with a sense of freedom and released me from the lie I was fighting. I felt like "too much" and "not enough". I have a crazy amount of creative ideas that I long to express the truth of God's love through.

Emily said this, "I don't believe there is one great thing I was made to do in this world. I believe there is one great God I was made to glorify. And there will be many ways, even a million little ways, I will declare His glory with my life".

This alphabet slime activity is the first step to conveying this truth to my son and to ponder these same truths myself. The 27 letters of the English alphabet create around 600,000 words (in the Oxford English Dictionary). Words are part of each life's purpose. Each of us God has created a different purpose. Each purpose is to point to God's perfect and unfailing love and the many facets of God's character.

1. What words describe you?

If your kids have a hard time with this, allow the rest of the family to speak life into each individual. This question created a perfect opportunity for my husband and I to affirm and call out the greatness within our son. We came up with creative, silly, inventive, determined, happy, energetic, athletic, smart, observant, tenacious, outgoing, friendly, etc.

2. How can God use these qualities?

3. Think of 3 or more friends, or family members, and think of words that describe them.

4. How can God use alphabet of good character qualities inside of each of them?

5. Can you think of some creative ways you can team together using your strengths to point others to Jesus and bring joy and hope to those around you?

6. What are some character traits you want to work on?

Honest, polite, thankful, patient, thoughtful, grateful and gentle are some we talked about working on.

I found the alphabet confetti on Amazon under "Metallic Alphabet Confetti".

Have fun making meaningful memories while speaking life into the kids in your life! At the same time ponder this truth for yourself!

You truly are a great alphabet full of treasures,


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