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Transform Your City With Love

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

I'm holding fast to a dream! A God sized dream that's too big for me, but not too big for God! I want to see hope and love covering our cities with color and beauty in the form of circles! I want see messages of hope and God's love spreading faster than Covid! Because God's love and hope are more powerful than Covid, racial tensions or any sickness!

Our church had a family missions trip to New Mexico planned for July. Due to Covid, the trip was transformed to a long distance missions trip by some amazing leaders. We prayed, created VBS packets and made around 200 hope circles to sprinkle throughout the Ruidoso area.

Being a part of this brought me so much joy. Now, I want to give others the same tools to do something similar in their communities.

I drew 2 circles on around 20 papers with scriptures and encouraging words. After copies were made on cardstock, the families painted or colored them in! Notes were written on the back and then sent in the mail to be sprinkled all over Ruidoso! That's pretty powerful! Envisioning people being blessed by these, during such a tumultuous time in history, overwhelms my heart in the most wonderful way.

By subscribing to my email list, you will receive all of the hope circles to paint and color on your own (including blank circles so you and your family and friends can create your own expressions of love and hope). You can give them away and even make some to hang in your own home. Each time I make new circles I will send them out to those on my email list. This is my way of serving you and giving you, your kiddos and friends the opportunity to sprinkle love and hope in your neighborhoods.

To subscribe click on the link below to go to my home page and scroll to the bottom!

Have fun with your family and friends while you spread kindness, hope and God's love like confetti in your town and throughout the earth! Hugs to all!

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