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The Prayerful Snowflake

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Snowflake Craft
Free To Fly

I made this crystal snowflake a couple of weeks ago. One of the most important things to me as a mom, is that my son (and the other sweet treasures I care for) develop a heart of compassion. This snowflake holds prayers and memories... and it is a teaching tool... a way to remind Cooper of God's heart by retelling the story it holds. So this is not just a pretty snowflake with cute dragonflies... it is so much more! I can teach Cooper, by modeling, that when you create it can be a way of communicating to God. It can be a way of giving thanks to God for gifts, retelling a story, a way to processing my emotions, a way to pray or simply a way of telling God I love Him. Just like God creates gifts for us... flowers and all creation, we can give Him gifts back!

To me dragonflies are a sweet reminder of God’s heart of love and compassion. The miniature version of dragonflies, called damselflies, bring back the best memories of childhood at my grandparents house. I would rescue all the damselflies caught in the many webs on their large boat dock. Ever so carefully I would pull the miniature dragonflies out of the webs. Then I would meticulously take the fine webs off of the wings and bodies of the beautiful little creatures with glistening wings. I couldn’t stand the thought of them becoming a spider’s dinner.

If the damselflies fought while I tried to free them, they became more entangled. Those that rested as I carefully pulled the silken threads off their delicate, translucent wings I would let go away from the boat dock and watch them take flight. I loved seeing them free.

Now, anytime I see damselflies or dragonflies it always bring back a rush of the warm memories of childhood. I am reminded that in times I feel entangled in lies that freedom will come when I rest and let God free me. The freedom comes from His Word, prayer, sermons or the godly friends I have in my life.

When I create, colors transform to prayers and declarations of truth. Gold becomes a prayer that God would refine my heart. Purple is a reminder to me that I am God’s daughter, so I am royalty. It challenges my heart to carry myself in that manner. Blue symbolizes different things at different moments. Blue can be a prayer for peace in my heart or a prayer for peace over others. One of the aqua beads with facets that sparkle is a prayer that God’s love would wash over me and bring truth and peace. The brown is a reminder that I want to have an earthen beauty and I want to be approachable and easy to relate to. Pearls always are a reminder that God can take my tears and turn them into a beautiful treasure when I rest in Him and let His love surround me in the difficult times.

I have the link below for the only place I have found the snowflake frames. I buy a lot of my beads at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby on sale. The super sparkly swarovski crystals I bought in a specialty bead store in Houston. Jo Ann’s has them but are typically a little more pricey.

I encourage you to make a snowflake knit with prayers for yourself or a loved one. They make great Christmas gifts for those organized, ahead-of-the-game planners out their (though that wouldn't be me LOL). Either which way, whether a prayerful or simply fun creative endeavor, my prayer is that you would journey deep into the love of God by letting God speak to your heart through colors and things you find intriguing. Or use this as a way to speak truth into your children's hearts.

I love this snowflake so much, rich with meaning and prayers from my heart, that I may leave it up year round because it inspires me and reminds me of what I was created for... to help set others free from entangled "untruths" that keep them from flying into God's heart and purposes for them. I hope it inspires you and you make a snowflake to bless yourself and speak life to yourself, a friend or a loved one! I can't wait to see what people create! Send me a photo. I would love to see!

God delights in you! He loves to study all the incredible details about you. He cherishes you. Just like I hold each of my crystal snowflakes as I get ready to hang them each year, God gazes upon you daily and enjoys all the beauty He sees in you! Rest in that fact! You are loved, adored and you are His masterpiece, a priceless work of art!

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