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A Lifelong Romance

Updated: May 30, 2020

I wish we could take a walk in the country together or through unmanicured areas of the suburbs. Just you and me. It's springtime so not many words would be needed because the wildflowers I would gather for you would declare God's great affection for you! I would show you His faithful love spoken through the hundreds of flowers! With each flower God speaks His promise to "never leave you or forsake you".

At first I would bring flowers to you. But then I would simply point to the love notes sprinkled like a rainbow of confetti throughout the grasses. It seems like so many people miss them or pass the by. Many might glance and see some flowers, and yet very few savor the beauty and drink it in with childlike wonder.

As you scroll through this blog, and it's many photos, imaging us on a walk together. The photos are my way of taking you away, if but for a moment, from the endless duties and "to do list". I want to minister to your heart and give you a glimpse of God's love for you painted through the flowers I have photographed. Take my hand and simply gaze at the photos in silence (skipping the words) or listened to me as I shine a spotlight on the many treasures laced through creation!

Whether store bought or handpicked in a field, I love to give flowers! As an artist I know without any doubt that these were created for me. They were created for you! Your name is called with love and deep desire. The unyielding and unconditional love you and I dreamt of as a child, and throughout our lives, calls our names daily . Somehow our hearts have become numb to the love fashioned with every detail of each little flower we pass by. If we allow our hearts the momentary luxuries of becoming like a child again, God's love sung to us in the form of flowers will soak our souls with a celebration of rich and diverse colors. Deep peace washes over me when I look for the ways God is romancing me, and you, with His thousands upon thousands "I love you"s!

From childhood we often dream of that somewhat "perfect" person. Relationships bloom and time passes...that person who seemed so deeply in love with us disappoints. An argument occurs and words are flung like mud, covering our hearts with lies or rejection. Or we don't find this person and our heart longs for the love that is illusive and yet to be found. I want to inspire my friends and the kiddos in my life to look for God's letters of love, in the form of flowers, throughout creation.

Add to that, is the fact that there are around 400,000 kinds of flowers in the world. That is approximately 10 -11 different kinds of flowers a day for us to enjoy... if we live to be a hundred! God is passionately in love with us! This is an art project I would love to do if I wasn't juggling so much already. Paint 10 different flowers a day for the rest of my life to savor His love for me... and to express my love back!

These are a few "Circles Of Hope" I painted from photos of flowers taken by a nearby walking trail.

I'd have to finish the project in heaven though since I'm already 5+ decades into my life! A more amazing image in my mind, is creating new flowers with God. I envision myself painting a flower for God and presenting it to Him. With a smile of delight I could see Him breathing life into it like only He can do.

That would be a cool summer challenge for kids who feel "bored". Each day, paint a flower you love that God made. Then invent a new one to express your love back to God. Or take photos of all the flowers you can discover together. Then make a collage. I took these photos mostly in the country near where I live, near bayou paths, garden nurseries and grocery store.

Surprisingly, even my son at times alludes to that special person someday. Woundings come when someone he has a "crush" on someone. I try to dissuade him from crushes (because how often does anyone marry their childhood crush), but the I realize I can't stop him from feeling what he feels.

So, instead, I am choosing to point out that all of creation is overflowing with love notes from God. I want him to always remember the God loves him in a way no person ever will. I want him to know this to the core of his being so that heartache and feelings of rejection come, he will look to nature as a reminder of God's perfect and unwavering love. He sees me pick flowers. He sees me give them away. I trust what I model and teach him will hold him steady in life's storms.

Through this blog I want to lead you into a soulful place and "lead you with beauty", but not with the beauty of my own hand-painted flowers. Instead, I want to take your hand and encourage you to look daily for love notes from your eternal Father, Faithful Friend and the Lover Of Your Soul. On beautiful days or moments when your soul is clouded with sorrow, like a thunderstorm or a tsunami of heartache, look around you. Indulge your senses and your heart in God's unfailing, forever and unstoppable love!

I also want to encourage you to lead the children and young people on this quest for God's beauty. Let us plow rows and plant seeds of truth in their hearts. But, first we must make those rows of truth and embrace those seeds with our own hearts. Open your eyes when taking walks, gardening, driving or grocery shopping. You could even check out books with photographs of flowers or do an internet search. Go take your own photos. Take a deep breath and inhale the beauty he offers you.

Til' next time my friend,


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